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Vegetables & Fruits
Eat Organic Whenever Possible
Green Goodness
  • Eating organic may help to reduce dietary exposure to pesticides and minimise risks to our health

  • Pesticides exposure may be associated with hormonal disruption and adverse effects on neurodevelopment and behaviour in children.

  • Every year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) publishes the Dirty Dozen List.

  • If you want to minimise pesticides in your food, buy organic versions from the Dirty Dozen list.

  • The Clean Fifteen are the least contaminated fruits and vegetables. When organic options are not available or too expensive, it is ok to purchase conventional ones from this list.

Where to Buy?

Eat Fresh

Organic fruit and vegetable subscriptions from trusted farms.

Deliver without plastic or unnecessary packaging. Expensive but high quality.

Eat the Kiwi

Online delivery. All food sourced directly from farmers and producers in New Zealand. Cut-off ordering Thursday midnight.

Green Dot Dot

Online and various stores in MTR stations. Great for inexpensive avocados and other fruits. Good selection of plant-based food and soup packs.

Ratatouille HK

Online delivery. Vegetables and fruits sourced directly from organic and sustainable farms in Thailand. Great avocados & passion fruits.

Note additional freight charges since April 2020. 

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