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Health Coaching

Programme Options

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Trail Runners Nutrition

Online group programme to help trail runners improve their nutrition knowledge and put it all into practice - designing and implementing individualised pre-race, race nutrition and post race recovery



Meal Prep

One-off session to help with meal plan (shopping and cooking at home). May require more sessions for those considering elimination diets such as Whole 30 is available on request. Please sign up for a free initial consultation.

On Request

Super Health Food

Six Month Programme 

Highly recommended. Individualised 12 biweekly sessions. Includes goal setting, mindful practice, grocery shopping,  nutrient density, meal prep and plenty of health tips. Pay monthly or lump sum.


Herbal Remedies

Online Only

10 x 30 minutes weekly sessions conducted over video or voice calls. Excludes food samples.


Please sign up for a free e-guide and an initial consultation.


Green Smoothie

Three Months 

Similar to the six month programme.

Individualised biweekly sessions. 

Does not include meal prep at home.


Cooking Class

Nutrition Workshop

This informal workshop is catered for small group (4-6 ppl) . Includes a short presentation, guided food preparation, a simple recipe with ingredients and materials and an opportunity to socialise and share healthy tips.


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