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Below is an example of how a six-month programme may work. Since each individual is unique, personalised programme will be developed based on the individual's personality, lifestyle preferences, priorities and commitments. 

Please sign up for an consultation to understand more.

Rock in Sand

Session 1

Goal Setting

Use the Circle of Life to understand your personality, relationships, career, physical activities, mindful practice.  What are your goals and preferences. Add one small habit.

Stressed Woman

Session 4

Stress & Sleep

Sleep is vital for our health and well-being, our mood, appetite control, concentration and productivity, athletic performance, immune function and so much more.

Cooking Eggs

Session 7

Meal Prep

Experiment with juicing, making smoothies with superfoods, and preparing healthy snacks. Learn how to cook with grass-fed ghee, avocado oil and avoid trans fats.

Gluten Free

Session 10

Elimination Diet

Optional: experiment with Whole30, paleo, wheat-free, dairy-free, or FODMAP diet. A health coach can provide the needed guidance, support and accountability.

Chunk of Chocolates

Session 2

Reduce Cravings

Deconstruct your cravings. Knowing the causes of these cravings makes it easier to crowd them out with small and gradual behavioural changes.


Session 5

Grocery Shopping

Experiment with organic, seasonal, grass-fed and pasture-raised products. Learn about dirty dozens and clean fifteen - a smart way to buy organic produce.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Session 8

Social Life

Explore how you can navigate the maze of challenging food and drink options at parties, special occasions and as you travel around the globe for work or leisure. 

Home Room Decor

Session 11

Healthy Home Detox

Learn about toxic chemicals in your skincare and home cleaning products. Experiment with natural, plant-based ingredients, solvent and phosphate-free, or even homemade cleaning products. 

Soothing Bell

Session 3

Mindful Practice

Explore different approaches to mindfulness such as meditation, breathwork, gratitude list, journaling and music. 

Option to try out Gong Relaxation.

Yogurt with Fruit

Session 6

Nutrient Density

There is a world beyond macronutrients of fats, carbs and protein. Experiment with foods rich in micronutrients - vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids. 

Trail in Woods

Session 9


Explore what makes your body feels good. It can be a brisk walk, yoga, pilates, tennis, zumba, tai chi, whatever tickles you. Or join me on some short hikes and walks.

Spa and Wellness

Session 12

Other Topics

Explore any primary food topics such as relationships, career, education, creativity, social life and anything else you'd like to cover.

What will your health coaching

programme look like?

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