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What does a health coaching programme look like?

Well, it all depends on your individual circumstances, needs and aspirations. The following is a selection of topics we can explore. As your health coach, I will provide guidance and support as you experiment with different food and lifestyle choices and see what works best for you.

Here is a selection of topics that we can explore in your health coaching programme.

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Set Your Goals. Use the Circle of Life to rate your primary food: relationships, career, movement, mindfulness. 

Add one healthy habit.

Crowd Out Cravings

Deconstruct Cravings. Knowing the causes makes it easier to crowd them out with small and gradual behavioural changes.

White Sand and Stone

Mindful Practice

 Mindful Practice. Experiment with meditation, breathwork, gratitude list, journaling and music. 

Sleep & 


Sleep Hygiene.  

Sleep is vital for our health and wellbeing, essential for our mood, appetite control, concentration and productivity, athletic performance and immune function.

Nutrient Density. Go beyond macro-nutrients  such as fats, carbs & protein. Focus on increasing micronutrients - vitamins, minerals & essential fatty acids. 

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping. Buy organic using dirty dozen & clean fifteen lists to save money. Try grass-fed, pasture raised, humanely raised animal products.



Meal Prep. Experiment with vegetable juices, smoothies and nutrient dense foods. Try to cook with grass-fed ghee and minimally processed oil. Learn Omega 3 vs 6.

Street Food


Travel Tips.  How to navigate the maze of challenging food and drink options at parties, social setting or when travelling for work or vacation.



Explore what makes you feel good, healthy and strong. A brisk walk, yoga, pilates, tennis, tai chi, whatever tickles you. Or join me on a hike or walk.

Elimination Diet

Elimination Diet (optional).

Whole30, wheat-free, dairy-free, or low FODMAP. A health coach can provide the needed guidance, support and accountability. 



Home & Skincare Detox 

Minimise toxic chemicals in your skincare and home cleaning products. Try natural, plant-based ingredients, solvent-free, phosphate free. 



Food Diary. Track your food intake. Record your mood, appetite, energy levels. I'll be your support and accountability partner.



Gut Health.  

Support your microbiome with anti-inflammatory foods, drinks, prebiotics and probiotics.

What will your health coaching

programme look like?

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