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Welcome to the M&B 
Grocery Shopping Guide

Welcome to the Mile and Bite Grocery Shopping Guide.

Please start with The Basics or choose any topic that interests you.

The guide aims to show how and where to buy organic vegetables, certified humane and sustainably sourced food items. You will find my favourite itemshealthy snacks, and printer-friendly pages for your reference.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

Or read my blog on how this guide came to be.

Fresh Veggies

Grocery Basics

How to buy organic vegetables, certified humane meats, sustainably sourced fish and plant-based protein

Matcha Red Bean Dessert

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks

My favourite items

How to crowd out processed junk


Paleo Friendly

Paleo friendly food items

Dirty Dozens & Clean Fifteen

Healthy fats, proteins and snacks

Food Photography

Shopping List

Print this page

 Go shopping

for Paleo Friendly items

Food Photography

All in One

One page summary with food lists and brief explanation on how to choose the best quality foods

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Where to Buy

Here is a short list of shops and stores selling organic, humanely raised and sustainably sourced items

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