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Plant-Based Protein
  • Imitation meat may sound beyond impossibly amazing, but they may be highly processed. Do your research.

  • Focus on natural whole food like nuts and seeds, grains, beans and legumes. Ideally organic, non-GMO. (See last bullet).

  • Beware of antinutrients in grains & legumes, prepare them properly by soaking, sprouting, fermenting & cooking.

  • If you want to follow a Paleo/ Keto diet, avoid grains, beans and legumes.

•Chlorella (58g)

•Spirulina (57g)

•Peanuts (26g)

•Almonds (21g)

•Pistachios (20g)

•Pumpkin Seeds (19g)

•Cashew (18g)

•Flax Seeds (18g)

•Chia Seeds (17g) 

•Soybeans -boiled (17g)

•Tahini (17g)

•Walnuts (15g)

•Rolled Oats (13g)

•Wheat Bread (13g)

•Edamame (11g)

•Buckwheat (13g)

•Pecans (9g)

•Kidney Beans ((9g)

•Macadamia Nuts (8g)

•Lima Beans (8g)

•Lentils (cooked)(9g)

•Chickpeas (cooked)(9g)

•Tofu (8g)

•Spelt (cooked) (6g)

•Baked Beans (6g)

•Green Peas (5g)

•Soba Noodles (5g)

•Kale (4.3g)

•Quinoa (4g)

•Wild Rice- cooked (4g)

•Basmati Rice (3.3g)

•Spinach (2.9g)

•Broccoli (2.8g)

•Cauliflower (1.9g)

Nutritional Yeast

For reference, 100g of chicken breast, beef and boiled egg contain 31g, 24-27g and 13g of protein respectively.

Vegetable Plate
Potato Soup

How much protein is there per 100g of...

Where to buy? 

SpiceBox Organics

Organic Market & Café on Caine Road, K Town, TKO.

Best for Ayurveda, Tulsi teas, vegan food such as whole grains, lentils and beans. 

The Store

Online with same day delivery. Physical store in Central. Offers health foods, supplements, with paleo friendly and vegan options 

Green Common 

Vegan and vegetarian grocery, concept store and eatery. Online and retail stores across Hong Kong.

Please research before buying "plant-based or synthetic meat"

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