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Fish & Seafood

Get Sustainably Sourced Fish & Seafood whenever possible

Eat sustainably sourced fish that avoid overfishing and practices that are damaging to the environment. Avoid larger species with higher risk of contamination such as mercury, PCBs and pesticides. 

What You Can Do
Pack of Barracudas
Avoid Larger Species 

(unless MSC or ASC certified)

  • Chilean Sea Bass 雪花鱸魚 **

  • Atlantic Cod**

  • Atlantic Halibut**

  • Eel 鰻魚**

  • Giant Grouper (Hong Kong Sea Cage) 龍躉 (網箱)** (M) - farmed indoor is fine

  • Humphead Wrasse 蘇眉

  • High-finned Grouper 老鼠斑

  • King Mackerel 鯖魚王 (M)

  • Marlin馬林(M)

  • Swordfish 劍魚 (M)

  • Gulf Tilefish瓦魚(M)

  • Bluefin Tuna 藍鰭吞拿魚**(M)

  • Yellowfin Tuna 黃鰭吞拿魚**(M)

  • Shark

** denotes overfished species or harvested in environmentally damaging ways

(M) mercury contamination

Special Sushi
Sushi - Best Choices

Source: Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Amaebi/Spot Prawn (AK & Canada)

Awabi/Abalone (farmed)

Bincho/ Albacore Tuna 

Ebi/ Prawn, Shrimp (Canada, US)

Gindara/Sablefish (AK)

Hiramasa/Yellowtail (Mexico & US)

lkura/Salmon Roe (New Zealand)

lwana/ Arctic Char (farmed)

Iwashi/ Sardines 

lzumidai/Tilapia (Canada, & US)

Kani/Crab: King (AK)

Katsuo/Skipjack Tuna (Pacific trolls)

Mirugai/ Geoduck 

Nori/Seaweed (farmed)

Saba/ Atlantic Mackerel (Canada)

Sake/ Salmon (New Zealand)

Sawara/ King Mackerel (US)

Suzuki/ Bass (US hooks & lines, farmed)

Shiro Maguro / Albacore Tuna Belly

Uni/ Sea Urchin (Canada Pacific)

Zuwaigani/ Crab: Snow (AK)

Smaller Species Are Less Contaminated
  • Artic Char

  • Alaska Cod 鱈魚

  • Anchovy (Adriatic Sea)

  • Catfish (US)

  • Crab, Lobster (US, Canada,Australia)

  • Halibut (Alaska, Canada)

  • Herring

  • Clam - farmed (China) 

  • Mussel  (New Zealand) 青口

  • Oyster (US, China) 蠔

  • Scallop (Queensland, W Australia) 帶子 

  • Whelk  (Canada) 翡翠螺

  • Mackerel  (Atka or MSC label)

  • Prawn, Shrimp (US, Canada)

  • Pacific Sardine (US, Canada)

  • Tilapia 福壽魚 (not China or Taiwan)

  • Trout

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon

  • Albacore Tuna (US, Canada) 長鰭吞拿魚 

Pack of Fish

Relevant for Hong Kong

  • Albacore Tuna (MSC) 長鰭吞拿魚

  • Chilean Sea Bass (South Georgia, UK) (MSC)

  • Pacific Cod (US) (MSC) 鱈魚

  • Hoki (NZ) (MSC) 藍尖尾鱈魚

  • Pollock (US) (MSC) 狹鱈魚

  • Pacific Salmon (Canada) (MSC)

  • Northern Shrimp (Canada) (MSC)

  • Yellowfin Tuna (Indonesia, Phillipines)

  • Giant Grouper (HK, Indoor/ farmed) 龍躉

  • Leopard coral trout (Queensland)東星斑

  • Boston Lobster (Canada, US) 波士頓龍蝦

  • Rock Lobster (Queensland) 龍蝦

  • Abalone - wild  (Australia) 鮑魚

  • Abalone  - farmed (China, S Africa) 鮑魚

  • Clam - farmed  (China) 

  • Sea Cucumber (W Canada) 海參

  • Geoduck Clam -farmed (Canada, US) 象拔蚌

  • Oyster -farmed (China, US) 

  • Blue mussel (Denmark, US, Sweden) 藍青口

  • Scallop -farmed (China, Japan) 帶子

  • Scallop - caught (Queensland, W Aus) 帶子

  • Whelk (Canada) 翡翠螺

178 Degrees

Sustainably sourced seafood and other food products exclusively from New Zealand.

Eat the Kiwi

Online Delivery. Sustainably sourced seafood from 

New Zealand. Also sells fresh vegetables.

Food Origin at the Source

Sustainably sourced fish and seafood from small fisheries on the Atlantic coast and MSC certified products.

Qwehli Paris

Seafood from sustainable sources with traceability. MSC and ASC labelled products. 


Offers frozen MSC certified seafood products.

My Meat Man

Offers wild caught fish from Canada, Alaska, Australia and NZ

Qwehli Paris

Seafood from sustainable sources with traceability. MSC and ASC labelled products. 

M&C Asia

Responsibly sourced seafood delivered to your door. Also wholesaler. Offers wild dover sole, shrimps, lobster, shellfish.

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