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Tomatoes and Herbs

Vicky's Favourite

Every Day Things

Here are some of my favourite nutrient-dense food and drinks,  which generally support a healthy lifestyle, protect against inflammation and help recovery. 

I hope this list will continue to evolve over time. Feel free to experiment with any of these or ignore if they don't fit with your lifestyle, taste preferences or food sensitivities.


I would be happy to hear from you and explore what works best for you, because everyone is unique and needs special attention.


Please always follow advice from your doctor and qualified medical professionals. See the Disclaimer for more.

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Apple Cider Vinegar.jpg

Apple Cider Vinegar

I add half to one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a LARGE glass water every morning. Assuming you are healthy and not sensitive to acidity, it should aid digestion, helps satiety, blood sugar, cholesterol and many benefits. Start with small amounts (half tsp) and beware of side effects. 

I have tried Bragg and Spectrum. You can try other brands or even capsule forms. Make sure you get organic unfiltered and "with the mother" apple cider vinegar.



I love matcha green tea for its taste, as a nice alternative to coffee very rich in antioxidants. I usually add collagen powder, sometimes MCT oil or coconut butter and a bit of nut or oat milk (see next). 

Artisana Almond Butter.jpg

Raw Almond Butter

I love Artisana because it is made from just one ingredient - raw organic almonds. Raw nuts are always more nutrient dense than roasted or salted counterparts. I always keep a couple of 1 oz packets in my handbag as a backup snack. Try it with apple slices as a treat. I even use it for baking.

Other brands: Wilderness Poet, MaraNatha. Ideally you want those made with raw almonds only with no added salt or sugar or preservatives. 

Turmeric Powder.jpg


Turmeric is one of my favourite spices, very delicious, cheap and boosts our immune system. I add it to my breakfast eggs all the time. 


To make golden latte, you can add turmeric, ground ginger cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper to warm nut milk. Add a tiny bit of honey for some sweetness.

Powder Snacks.jpg

Power Snacks

Nutrient dense bite-sized cacao treats made from dates, cocoa, chia seeds, many other organic nuts and seeds and dried fruits. I always hand them out for my clients to try and they all love it.


There are several flavours such as coffee cacaoblueberry hemp or cacao goji .

Coconut Amino Teriyako.jpg

Coconut Aminos

Fantastic soy-free alternatives to soy sauce. Perfect for paleo, keo and whole30 diets, and those who are sensitive to soy.

Brands include BraggCoconut Secret original, teriyaki, and garlic 



Seriously my favourite alternative to an ice cold beer but less calorific and more benefits for my gut microbiome. 

WonderdrinkRemedy  Captain Kombucha, and Health Ade 


Collagen Powder

I take collagen every day to help with my joints, bones, skin, hair and nail.  Personally I like Vital Proteins, Primal Kitchen and Bulletproof . Feel free to try other brands. Make sure you get grass-fed collagen for higher nutrient density, no added sugar, gluten, dairy. 

Note: Collagen has to come from animals, plants do not contain collagen. Vegans can try collagen building protein peptides to help your body make its own collagen.

Non Dairy Milk.jpg

Non-Dairy Milk

There are plenty of milk alternatives that are vegan friendly, dairy-free and soy-free. Try almond, coconut, cashew, or oat milk. I don't recommend soy because some people are allergic or sensitive to soy.


There is a range of brands such as Rude Health, Califia Farm, Oatly. Make sure they are unsweetened and carrageenan-free. 

Grass Fed Ghee.jpg

Grass-Fed Ghee

I cook and bake almost everything with ghee, from my morning eggs, curries, steaks, and chocolate brownies. Ghee is clarified butter free of milk sugar (lactose), protein (casein) and packed with fat-soluble vitamins and conjugated linoleic acid which helps to reduce inflammation.

I use 4th & Heart , with Turmeric and Bulletproof.  Feel free to try other brands. Make sure it is grass fed and organic for highest nutrient density.



Do I need to say anything about avocados? 

Raw Chocolate.jpg

Dark Raw Chocolate

Many people don't realise chocolate is actually a health food. I am talking about those made from raw cacao and at least 70% chocolate content. The higher the better.  Try Loving Earth,  

cacao nibs, unsweetened chocolate powder. Raw cacao is always more nutritious than treated cocoa or chocolate. The less sugar the better. 99% is so rich that you won't to eat much to feel satiated.

Egg with Tumeric Ghee.jpg

Eggs with Ghee

My all time favourite breakfast is fried egg with grass-fed ghee and turmeric. Super easy, delicious and nutritious. 


If you want to get the best quality eggs, go for certified humane, pasture-raised and free-range. Organic is not always the best.

Collection of Herbs

Holy Basil

I have a stockpile of Holy Basil or "the Queen of Herbs" at home. It looks like Spice Box Organics is the best place for Tulsi branded teas. 

Try Wellness Tea, and Holy Basil, and Turmeric Ginger

Where to Buy
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