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Animal Protein

Know the difference between Organic, Free Range & Certified Humane

Below are the definitions of a few labels on meat and animal products. You can decide what you would like and can afford.

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Certified Humane

THE BEST - all animal products

Animals allowed to roam free and behave naturally. Held to highest standards on animal welfare.

Grazing Cows


THE BEST - Beef, Lamb, Goat

Animals grazed outdoors, also fed grain. Higher standards than grass-fed as animals can behave more naturally when outdoors.

Varieties of Grain

Certified Organic

Not as Good as Grass-fed

Animals raised on organic feed without antibiotics or hormones. Animals may be fed grains or soybean instead of grass or their natural diet.

Free Range Poultry Farm


Acceptable if no alternative

Animals may not have access to outdoors, sunshine and fresh air. May remain limited to indoors. Check if any indication on how much space for animals.


Industrially Raised


Avoid factory farmed meat or animal products. Poor animal welfare.



THE BEST - chickens, eggs, dairy

Animals raised on pasture their entire lives and sheltered during bad weather.

Dairy Farm


Beef, Lamb, Goat

Animals fed on grass or hay, but not always outdoors. Some animals may be grass-fed but grain-finished (fed grain for a short period before slaughter).

Free Range Chicken Farm


Better than Cage-Free

Animals may or may not have access to outdoors. Check if any indication on how much space for animals.

Horse in a Cage

No Added Hormones or Antibiotics

The most basic requirements

Hormones and antibiotics are used when animals are fed an unnatural diet and live in cramped conditions with higher risk of infections and diseases.




Caged Animal Feeding Operations  (CAFO) are unethical, unhealthy, unnatural, stressful for the animals, present highest risk of diseases, use antibiotics and added hormones.

Where to buy?

Bones & Blades

Online and brick & mortar butcher and delicatessen in SYP.

Grass-fed beef, Mangalica pork and free-range meats from sustainable sources.

Feather & Bone

Online delivery and boutique stores in Central, Mid-Levels, SYP, HV, Wan Chai

for meat, cheese, and limited farm produce. Offers grass-fed meat.


HK based French distributor of premium high quality meat, cheese and seafood sourced directly from farmers and producers in Europe.

Mercato Gourmet

Online delivery. Wide range of meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy, cheese, olive oil, condiments and grocery products from Italy, France and Australia.

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